Webbaserad användarundervisning: Ett forum för förhandlingar om bibliotekariers professionella expertis

Olof Sundin


This article investigates web-based user education, considering it as a forum where the shaping of librarians’ professional expertise is negotiated. By conveying a profession’s knowledge on the Web, it is possible to define and
emphasise those “problems” that the profession is striving to solve. The aim of the article is to present various approaches to the expertise of university librarians as conveyed by the librarians’ pedagogical working methods. The empirical basis for the study is an analysis of 31 web-based guides to information seeking, available at Nordic higher education and research libraries. The content of the web-based user education is presented and discussed in terms of twelve recurrent themes. Then, four approaches to user education are characterised: a source-oriented approach, a behaviour-oriented approach, a process-oriented approach and a communication-oriented approach. The approaches convey different definitions of important concepts such as information, information seeking, and user, and a point of departure for this article is that these approaches have practical consequences for the user education.

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