Internetlojalitet: Hur olika faktorer påverkar kundlojaliteten på Internet

Ole Boe, Paolo Marini


The present study investigated factors affecting the decision to return to web pages and to buy Internet products. The participants (n=27) were given a questionnaire and a test. The test measured the degree to which participants used heuristics in decision making. The questionnaire measured how often they had used the Internet and bought products from web pages. The participants were categorised into either low-achievers or high-achievers, depending on the degree to which they used heuristics when making decisions. One hypothesis was that the number of steps involved in the process of buying products over the Internet would have to be simplified if a decision would be made to return to that web site to buy another product. A second hypothesis was that a web site with a blue background colour would make it easier to make the decision to return to that web site. A third hypothesis stated that high-achievers on the decision heuristics test would more frequently make decisions to buy products over the Internet than low-achievers. The results show that the hypotheses received support, as participants indicated that they preferred an easier process when buying Internet products and that they preferred a blue background colour on a web site. Furthermore, high-achievers were found to buy Internet products significantly more often than low-achievers. Finally, a fourth hypothesis stated that low-achievers on the part of the test that measured attribution were expected to buy products over the Internet more frequently than high-achievers. This hypothesis did not receive support.

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