Almqvist och Ibsen på webben: Två metoder för elektronisk publicering

Charlotte Wallberg


This article is the result of a Master’s thesis in library and information studies. The aim of the article is to study and compare to what extent the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) support bibliographic description, metadata and the markup of textual segments. The projects in the study comprise the Norwegian The Writings of Henrik Ibsen (Henrik Ibsens Skrifter), which applies the use of TEI, and The Royal Academy of Letters’ The collected works of CJL Almqvist (Vitterhetssamfundets CJL Almqvist Samlade Verk), which applies the use of HTML. The study shows that the Ibsen project provides its text with bibliographic description and metadata to a greater extent than does the Almqvist project. From the aspect of markup of textual segments, the Ibsen project presents the most detailed information. The amount of markup words used, were not only significantly higher in the texts of the Ibsen project, but the mark-up was also more specific. Much of the information provided by the use of markup in the Ibsen case was supplied by using hypertext links in the digitisation of Almqvist’s works. However, these examples show that TEI offers more possibilities than HTML. In order to comprehend the difference in markup between the two projects it is necessary to keep in mind the different aims of HTML and TEI.

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