"I have a dream"...

Gunilla Jonsson


From a single point of departure the user shall be able to retrieve all kinds of information resources, be it in print or in electronic format, be it on a library shelf or available online, that is the dream. However, the first task for the library community with regards to online publications is saving them for the future. If we do not accomplish this, we cannot reuse or verify the facts of the online world. Manual cataloguing and classification will not achieve structure or well guided access on the Internet. The volume of documents is simply too big. To achieve an overview and structure in this environment the methods have to be automated, and we have to encourage metadata production performed by the authors. We should also try to use our existing help systems, authority files and subject term thesauri to achieve the basic structure which is now lacking on the Internet. We cannot solve the task by the traditional procedures, instead, we should concentrate our resources on method development.

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