Automater, bricoleurer och virtuella bröllop: Tre paradigm för informationsteknik i undervisning

Patrik Svensson, Per-Olof Ågren


Educational use of information technology has undergone many phases over the years. Different ways of looking at technology, at pedagogics, at the teacher, and at the student have facilitated a distinction between three paradigmatic stages. First the automatic teaching machine came, then the idea of the computer as a general tool for the student’s individual learning. The third stage is represented by information technology used to create virtual, three-dimensional arenas where people can meet for studies independent of physical setting and distance. A pedagogical development project at the Department of Modern Languages/English illustrates this third stage. In this project, the aim is to construct virtual arenas for teaching in an interdisciplinary setting – thus creating a meeting place for linguistics, cultural studies, history and literature.

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