En nod att stilla bedja om

Mats Dahlström


To electronically publish master theses at universities and colleges through the Internet, is not simply a matter of digitising the theses and putting them online. A great many issues have to be addressed in the process: What format do we choose for the files? Do we mark up the texts, according to some SGML-DTD, or do we prefer a page-description format such as PDF? Does it matter? A basic question is: What do we regard as the primary record to be digitised and distributed on the Internet? The printout-thesis on paper, to which the digitised version has to be "true" - or the digital, word-processed working material?

At the end of the day, the result will probably turn out to be a compromise between, on the one hand, the promises of current and future technologies and, on the other, practical concerns such as labour resources, economy and competence.

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