Re-integrasjon av kildemateriale : nye dokumentformer på tvers av tradisjonelle skiller

Øyvind Eide


In the years 1994-1997 the University of Tromsø participated in "The Documentation project", a nation-wide project with the aim of transferring various collections from paper to electronic form. We are now publishing the results in a system of databases. The different documents have separate interfaces for searching and browsing. Like many other "electronic libraries" on the worl wide web, the "books" are single-standing units. The next step is to integrate the texts in larger systems of information. In the documents, there are many references to other works. We try to convert these to hypertext links, either to full-text version of the document referenced to, or, at least, to the meta-data in a bibliographical database. All the electronic documents have different interfaces for searching, based on their distinctive characteristics. Is it possible to make an integrated interface for searching in more than one of the documents? And, if it is possible, is it wise to do so? In our case, an integrated searching inteface for some of the materials is not problematic, as they share a set of concepts (e.g. names of muncipalities), while other documents require a difficult process of translation before an integration will be possible. In yet other cases the task may be impossible.

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