Levande texter och oändliga böcker - om multitext, hypertext och hypereditioner

Mats Dahlström


Digital representation of texts, electronic hypertext publishing on global networks and "IT" in general pose considerable challenges to our conceptions of what we refer to as documents: texts, books, editions etc. What does the future book look like? What is our future conception of, let’s say, an edition?

These very broad and complex issues may, at least initially, be approached by addressing the possibilities of representing multitextual literature digitally and hypertextually.

In order to accomplish this approach, we must try to focus on questions such as: What is multitext? Or rather: What is multi- in multitext? What is hyper- in hypertext? What are the traditional solutions to representing multitext in a paper-bound environment? What are the promises and / or possibilities of digital hypertext software in critical editions of multitextual literature (=hypereditions)?

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