Perspectives of Gestures for Gestural-Based Interaction Systems: Towards Natural Interaction

Nur Zuraifah Syazrah Othman, Mohd Shafry Mohd Rahim, Masitah Ghazali, Sule Anjomshoae


A frequently mentioned benefit of gesture-based input to computing systems is that it provides naturalness in interaction. However, it is not uncommon to find gesture sets consisting of arbitrary (hand) formations with illogically-mapped functions. This defeat the purpose of using gestures as a means to facilitate natural interaction. The root of the issue seems to stem from a separation between what is deemed as gesture in the computing field and what is deemed as gesture linguistically. To find a common ground, this paper explores the fundamental aspects of gestures in the literature of psycho-linguistic-based studies and HCI-based studies. The discussion focuses on the connection between the two perspectives – in the definition aspect through the concept of meaning and context, and in the classification aspect through the mapping of tasks (manipulative or communicative) to gesture functions (ergotic, epistemic or semiotic). By highlighting how these two perspectives interrelate, this paper provides a basis for research works that intend to propose gestures as the interaction modality for interactive systems.


gesture, gesture-based computing, human–computer interaction (HCI), natural interaction

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