Digitala medier som platsbunden resurs: Ungas handlingar och ianspråktaganden [Digital Media as a Place Bound Resource: The Actions and Appropriations of Young People]

Helena Bergström, Patrik Hernwall


This article explores how adolescents (13–17 years old) understand and appropriate digital media in different places by focusing on the triadic relationship artefact – place – activity. From data collected with different methods in the project UNGMODs we have analysed pupils’ accounts focusing on their activities with digital media in different places during a day. In the first part of the article we illustrate this in an ethnographic narrative revolving around the fictitious Sedecim, 16 years old. In the second half of the article we present a thematic summary of contextual appropriation of digital media, and of contextual interlacing supported by digital media. The article ends with a theoretical summary, building on a sociomaterial perspective. It is argued here that some main conditions associated with digital media and with school as a place can be seen as intra-acting with the adolescents and their activities.


adolescents; appropriation; digital media; learning; sociomaterial perspective

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