Determining the Predictors and a Cross-gender Analysis for Messaging Satisfaction

Vimala Balakrishnan, Paul H.P. Yeow


A total of 110 youths were interviewed to determine the important predictors for mobile phone messaging satisfaction based on the mobile phone design and health effect factors. A cross-gender analysis was also performed to analyze the gender differences towards messaging satisfaction. Factor analysis resulted in seven independent variables viz. Mobile Phone Design, Keypad Design, Screen Design, Text Entry Speed, Text Entry Usability, Health- Lower Extremity and Health-Upper Extremity whilst Users’ SMS Satisfaction was the dependent variable. Stepwise multiple regression determined Text Entry Speed and Text Entry Usability as the most important predictors for Users’ SMS Satisfaction. Gender analysis revealed females to be more satisfied with Mobile Phone Design, Keypad Design and Text Entry Speed than males; however, there were no significant differences for their Users’ SMS Satisfaction. Results obtained can be used by mobile phone designers to design customized mobile phones, for example, mobile phones which are specially catered for males.

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