Tekstmeldinger som norskfaglig potensial: En tekstanalytisk og didaktisk tilnærming

Harald M. Iversen


This article reflects upon SMS text messages as texts proper, and the role such texts may play in text and communication studies in the classroom. In early 2007, Norwegians exchanged three billion SMS text messages, a rich text corpus, and a noteworthy “out of school” text practice. This has to be considered when dealing with text in language education.

The qualitative analyses of these texts are based on both functional grammatical, text linguistic, pragmatic, and literary analytical tools. In addition, I shall open up a discussion on what may be a didactical potential in dealing with such texts in school.

The empirical material comprises SMS texts stored by friends, colleagues, children, other relatives, public text messages, and those on my own mobile phone. I shall refer to present research on this topic, mainly in the fields of sociology and social psychology, as a background for my own analyses, and as contributions to an ongoing and relevant discussion of modern text culture.


text messages; grammar; text linguistics; poetry; didactical potential

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