Human IT 20 year anniversary

This year sees a milestone for Human IT which began publishing in 1997. Now, 42 issues later, we are happy to invite readers, authors, reviewers, editors past, and other friends of the journal to celebrate. You are most welcome to an afternoon at our HQ in Borås filled with presentations by invited guests, chronicles from editorial team alumni, and mingling with academics from the journal's field of interest – all in a festive format. We start with lunch for early arrivers and wrap it up with a pub evening for late leavers. 

Invited speakers:
Anna-Malin Karlsson, professor, linguistics, Uppsala university
Jonas Linderoth, professor, pedagogy, Gothenburg university

Whether you plan on attending or not, do not hesitate to write us a few short lines that can be read out or otherwise included in the event. Contributions of particular eloquence, wit, or interest to the readers – or pieces that are just too long to be read out – may also be included in future journal pages. Please send us your free-format contribution at     

Note that the event will be primarily held in Swedish, possibly with individual presentations in other Nordic languages or English. See full programme and registration at the University of Borås web site (in Swedish).


Date: November 16, 2017


Hope to see you in Borås, 
Maria Lindh & Jonas Söderholm, the editors