Den 80-årige bloggkungen: En studie av språkliga konstruktioner av äldre i förhållande till IT

Karolina Wirdenäs, Theres Bellander


In this article we show and discuss the results from an empirical study with a social constructivist perspective, where we explore the combination of two socially and interactively constructed categories: senior citizens and young persons. In the study the paradoxical discourse that surrounds beliefs about usage of ICT in the two different stages of life is highlighted. The data is collected from a blog of a senior citizen and from media interviews with the blogger. The analysis points to the beliefs and expectations that are expressed regarding the use of digital information and interaction technology, and contributes to the discussion of the place and role of senior citizens in today’s society.


blogging, ICT-usage, interaction, Membership Categorization Analysis (MCA), senior citizens

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