Dialog- och diskussionssamhällen: socialt entreprenörskap och IKT för en alternativ samhällsform

Claus Persson


Dialogue is primarily related to the interaction forms of community and to consensus between community actors. Discussion is by analogy related to a problem-solving environment interaction, where the goal is to combine efforts to obtain a solution. The analysis also introduces the concept of a duel to illustrate how a dialogue and/or discussion can escalate into an arena-like interaction form of winners and losers. Within the framework of philosophy of communication and systems, the article points to the need for standards and regulatory mechanisms to orient players in a social system and thereby to strengthen their sense of identity. This can be applied in a social practice in order to achieve unity between the actors and actions in accordance with an overall meaningful and valuable orientation. The article advocates a form of society, where ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is used to obtain care and responsibility in open dialogue and discussion between citizens and community representatives.


action; activity theory; artefacts; communities; dialogue

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