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Vol 2, No 3 Abstract   PDF
Åsa Harvard
Vol 9, No 3: Games and Action 1 Gaming as a Situated Collaborative Practice Abstract   PDF
Björn Sjöblom
Vol 10, No 1: Games and Action 2 Gaming as Actions: Students Playing a Mobile Educational Computer Game Abstract   PDF
Elisabet M. Nilsson, Gunilla Svingby
Vol 6, No 4: Digitala dimensioner 1/Digital Dimensions 1 Genre, hypertext och etnografiskt perspektiv?: Om begrepp som hjälp och hinder i utforskningen av nya textkulturer [Genre, Hypertext, and the Etnographic Perspective? On Concepts as Help and Hindrance in the Investigation of New Textual Cultures] Abstract   PDF
Anna-Malin Karlsson
Vol 5, No 4 Genus och informationsteknik: En litteraturgenomgång [Gender and Information Technology - A Literature Review] Abstract   PDF
Lillemor Adrianson
Vol 7, No 2 Harry Ludens: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as a Novel and Computer Game Abstract   PDF
Anna Gunder
Vol 2, No 2 Hemsida, ljuva hemsida: /Om infantilism på Nätet/ Abstract   PDF
Ladislaus Horatius
Vol 5, No 1 How to Teach About Information as Related to Documentation? Abstract   PDF
Henning Spang-Hanssen
Vol 7, No 1 Human Factors and IT Competitive Value Abstract   PDF
Alfonso Vargas, M. Jesús Hernández, Sebastián Bruque
Vol 6, No 4: Digitala dimensioner 1/Digital Dimensions 1 Humaniora och informationsteknik [The Humanities and Information Technology] Abstract   PDF
Patrik Svensson
Vol 9, No 2 Humanistisk forskning og publisering i en digital kontekst: Europeiske filosofimiljøer trekker veksler på semantisk metadata-tagging [Humanities Research and Publishing in a Digital Context: European Philosophy Environments Draw on Semantic Metadata Tagging] Abstract   PDF
Alois Pichler, Gjermund Lanestedt
Vol 6, No 4: Digitala dimensioner 1/Digital Dimensions 1 HUMlab vid Umeå universitet [HUMlab at Umeå University] Abstract   PDF
Patrik Svensson
Vol 1, No 2 Hur används informationsbegreppet? - en jämförande studie mellan två forskningsområden Abstract   PDF
Olof Sundin
Vol 4, No 2-3: Språk och IT/Language and IT Hur publicerar SvD och DN sina nyheter på webben? Abstract   PDF
Elisabeth Björck Orvehed
Vol 1, No 2 Hypertext '97 : Southampton Abstract   PDF
Mats Dahlström, Mikael Gunnarsson
Vol 3, No 4: Elektronisk publicering vid universitet och högskolor/Electronic publishing in HEIs "I have a dream"... Abstract   PDF
Gunilla Jonsson
Vol 7, No 3: Artificial Intelligence Image and Interpretation: Using Artificial Intelligence to Read Ancient Roman Texts Abstract   PDF
Melissa Terras, Paul Robertson
Vol 10, No 1: Games and Action 2 Immersed, but How? That Is the Question Abstract   PDF
Paul Pivec, Maja Pivec
Vol 8, No 2 Immersive Historicity in World War II Digital Games Abstract   PDF
Eva Kingsepp
Vol 2, No 4: IT och pedagogik/IT and Education Implementation of CSCW in the Swedish social insurance board Abstract   PDF
Kerstin Grundén, Agneta Ranerup
Vol 5, No 4 Improvisation, Innovation and In Situ Development: An Example from Military Command Work Abstract   PDF
Per-Arne Persson, James M. Nyce
Vol 13, No 3 In the Digital Mood Abstract   PDF
Anne Brus
Vol 3, No 2: Kognitiva aspekter på IT/Cognitive perspectives on IT Information evolution - in past and future history Abstract   PDF
Bengt-Arne Vedin
Vol 11, No 2: Information Literacies Information Literacies: Concepts, Contexts and Cultural Tools. Introduction to the Special Issue of Human IT Abstract   PDF
Anna Hampson Lundh, Jenny Lindberg
Vol 9, No 1: Electronic Records Information Seeking Behaviour of Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS) Users: Implications for Records Management Practices Abstract   Article PDF   Fig. 2 PDF
Pauline Singh, Jane E. Klobas, Karen Anderson
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